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Our Customer is our #1 priority

At 360, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers. We conducted a customer survey recently and are excited to share with you the results. The positive feedback was overwhelming and it underscores our dedication and unwavering commitment to always prioritize our clients' needs and put our customers first.

We're excited to share that our clients' feedback indicates high satisfaction, with an impressive 98% overall customer satisfaction rating. These results go beyond numbers, reflecting our strong partnership.

Professionalism is integral to us, resonating with clients who consistently trust our ability to respond and address their needs in a timely manner. Our success is founded on a customer-centric approach, with dedicated Account and Project Managers, a stellar Customer Service team and a passionate Field Service organization of highly-skilled Painters, Resurfacers, Make Ready Techs, Housekeepers and more…

We're thrilled to share a few sentiments from our delighted clients:

The enthusiasm and positivity expressed by our clients invigorate us, inspiring us to push the boundaries of excellence even further.

In all our endeavors, we're driven by the deep trust our clients have in us. We sincerely thank you for choosing 360 for your Turns and Renovations needs. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

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