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Streamlining Property Management: Unveiling the Transformative Power of our Customer Portal

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

In the competitive landscape of property management, having an easy way to interact with your vendors to submit requests, check on the status of these, and more is paramount! Many property management companies struggle with managing these vendor relationships in a fragmented industry where most information is relayed old-school... and where unfortunately lots is lost in translation making the entire process inefficient and the customer experience a poor one.

But, at 360 Apartment Renovations we have come out with solution! Our Customer Portal tackles all the problems listed above and many more!

1. Our Customer Portal's Dashboard presents a user-friendly interface, displaying the latest property orders within the past 30 days through intuitive charts. These charts categorize ongoing, pending, and completed orders, offering a comprehensive overview of the services rendered. In addition, in the spirit of transparency which is one of our core principles, we prominently display our performance to key performance indicators, including quality, speed, and cost. This self-reporting allows us and our customers to see how we are performing, where we are exceeding our customer's expectations and where we need to improve.

The dashboard displays KPIs across cost, quality, and speed including month-to-month trends. It also displays a history of all requests by category and month and a breakout of all requests submitted in the past 30 days by status

2. Below you can see our Digital Order From which empowers Property and Maintenance managers alike to submit requests in the simplest and quickest way possible. The easy-to-use form allows the user to select a specific unit and then simply click on start/end dates requested along with the services that we need to complete for the turn.

The Digital Order From is the most intuitive ordering solution on the market enabling property managers to save a ton of time and headaches!

3. We have also created a Digital Make Ready Board which mimmicks Make Ready Boards that we have seen many Maintenance Mangers use in their own office. This digital board clearly shows the status of all work orders across each of our services for all of the apartment units. For each unit it displays the scheduled start date and time, status, and 360's assigned resource.

Maintenance Managers love this solution because it shows them the exact status of all requests for all units across all services with up-to-the-minute information.

Digital Make Ready Boards are heavily used by our Customers to see exactly what the status is of every single request and work order.

4. The "Invoices'' section allows our customers to gain access to all invoiced work to check on the balance and payment status. It also allows customers to download a PDF version when necessary. All of 360's invoices contain BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the work performed.

In closing, we have worked very hard to create a customer-centric Customer Portal that allows Property, Maintenance, and Regional Managers to get a pulse on what is happening at each of the properties we serve. Our Customer Portal is a testament to our commitment to providing simplicity and efficiency in property management. It serves as a reliable resource, ensuring that property managers can streamline their tasks seamlessly, ultimately enhancing their overall operational efficiency. To learn more about how to maximize the benefits of our Customer Portal, watch our tutorial on YouTube now!

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