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Luxury Apartment Building


We cater exclusively to Property Management Companies like yours

We work very closely with both Property Managers and Facilities/Maintenance Managers on a day-to-day basis helping make turns and renovations a breeze delivering exceptional customer service every time.

Our philosophy is to put customers first always. We understand that effective property management is challenging and that you need a trusted partner you can rely on to keep tenants happy and to turn around renovations quickly and effectively. Let us be your partner!

Why 360?


360 is your all-in-one partner that can bring a ton of benefits to your every-day needs!

By working with us, you can can save valuable time by working with a company that can take care of all your needs. This way you can achieve the efficiencies that drive better quality, quicker turns, and lower costs.


This can lead to higher rental revenue and cap rates for your property, lower overhead costs and less headaches and complexity! 



360 differentiates itself from other all-in-one companies in a number
of ways...

Our customer orientation is paramount! We take a long-term approach to our customer relations and are always looking at ways to improve customer satisfaction.

We offer a unique streamlined Customer Portal for our clients to submit requests, check the status of any unit or service appointment, review work orders and much more!

We are transparent and provide proof of work with pictures attached to each invoice. We also disclose our KPIs (key performance indicators) that measure our cost, quality, and speed directly on our Customer Portal.

Unrivaled Painting Quality

  • Touch-Ups, Full Paint, and Color Change

  • TBT and Sheetrock Repairs

  • Ceilings and Garages

  • Cabinets, Accent Walls, Exterior, and Townhomes

What Makes 360 Unique?
How does 360 compare to others?
Our quality services


Your customer portal is a convenient all-in-one system where you can submit requests, check on the status of things, and much much more...

Submit requests in seconds! Much quicker

and easier than by phone…

View status of all work (past, present, and future) at a glance using the Digital Make Ready board

Easily access electronic copies of Invoices,

download PDFs with pictures of before & after, and check on payment status

Access 360's performance dashboards to easily monitor key performance indicators and trends around Speed, Quality, and Cost of unit turns. 

  • Attain higher levels of customer satisfaction

  • Increase transparency and visibility

  • Drive continuous improvement through monitoring of key performance indicators

  • Makes things even simpler for Property and Maintenance Managers!

  • Submit and view status of Requests

  • Check the status and schedule of Appointments

  • View the status and balance of Invoices

  • Garner insights about your property and how 360 Apartment Renovations is performing from a quality, speed, and cost standpoint.


  • All the information about your Property in an executive Dashboard.

  • At a glance see exactly what is open, completed and view trends. Explore key performance indicators around Speed, Quality, and Cost!

  • All the data analytics you need to see to understand how your property is performing


  • View all work related to a unit in an easy to understand digital Make Ready Board

  • See the status, scheduled start date and time, and 360 scheduled personnel

  • Easily stay up-to-date with latest developments with updated information.

  • Improve coordination with your internal team and other service providers


  • Submit your request in the easiest way imaginable

  • With a few clicks  you can choose the unit, services needed and when we can start

  • Forget about back and forth e-mails, voicemails, etc. This is the easiest and fastest way to go!

Customer Portal
Client Testimonials

Clients Testimonials

This is what our clients think about 360!
Property Manager in Plano
Maintenance Manager in Addison
Maintenance Manager in Frisco
Property Manager in Lewisville
Property Manager in Dallas
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