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No matter what question you may have, we have you covered!

Check our FAQ below and if don't find what you are looking for give us a call!

  • How can I contact Sales?
    To start the process, please e-mail Sales . We will call you to learn more about your most pressing needs and pain points and schedule an on-site visit for one of our account managers to discuss pricing and answer any questions you may have.
  • What happens after the On-site meeting?
    After the on-site meeting we will prepare and present to you a customized solution with our pricing information for your property. We will need a sample of your COI and details about your property so that we can initiate the onboarding process.
  • What happens during the Onboarding process?
    We introduce you to the greater 360 team including Customer Service and Accounting. Your Account Representative will continue to be your point of contact for any issues or quoting special projects. We will also train you and your staff on using our Customer Portal. To learn more about our Customer Portal click here.
  • What is the 360 Customer Portal?
    The 360 Customer Portal is absolutely the best way to request work, check status of all work using our proprietary Digital Make Ready Board, approve quotes, view invoices, and much more! To learn more about it, click here.
  • How do I log in to the Customer Portal?
    Once we’ve completed the onboarding process, our Customer Service team will create your login credentials. If you need to reset your password, please contact Customer Service for assistance.
  • How do I learn more about using the Customer Portal?
    We have a handy manual ready to share and can also schedule a one-on-one video call with you. Please contact Customer Service for assistance.
  • How much do you charge for Paint?
    We price paint by square foot for Touch-Ups, Full Paints, and Color Changes. All labor, equipment, and ancillary products required for a quality and professional job are included. We charge extra for Sheetrock repairs, ceilings, stress cracks, TBTs, Primer, and occupied units. Paint is usually provided by Property, but can be priced in the per square foot price if needed.
  • What’s included in the Resurfacing Price?
    Labor, equipment, and ancillary products required for a quality and professional job with a one year warranty.
  • How much do you charge for a Mechanical Make Ready?
    We price Mechanical Make Readys based on the number of Bed & Baths of the apartment unit. All labor, equipment, and professional inspection using a check-list with 200+ items are included in the price. As part of inspection/corrective action we fully inspect the kitchen, stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, range hood, bathrooms, plumbing, electrical, utility closet, water heater, and HVAC. Typically our standard price covers 99% of your needs. Extras include trashouts, major repairs/renovations, replacement of all light fixtures or appliances, etc.
  • How much do you charge for Housekeeping?
    We price Cleaning based on the number of Bed & Baths of the apartment unit. All labor, equipment, and cleaning products required for a quality and professional job are included in our price. Our standard Cleaning covers 90% of situations. We charge extra for trash outs, extra dirty units, and applying floor wax/shine.
  • How much do you charge for Carpet Restorations?
    We price Carpet Cleaning based on the number of Bed & Baths of the apartment unit. We can provide an all-inclusive fixed rate or a piece-meal variable cost. Our fixed price per unit includes most extras including pre-treatment, deodorizing, high-traffic areas buffing, stretches, and stain removals (except red stains). Our A-la-carte pricing breaks out all the line items of services performed on a job. We charge extra for Pet Treatments, Red Stains, Repairs (seams, patches, z-bars), applying dyes, water extractions, pad relays, and equipment rental: blowers, dehumidifiers, ozone equipment, etc.
  • How do you price full Apartment Renovations?
    We perform an onsite visit at your property to understand the full scope of the renovation. We estimate both labor and materials costs and provide a detailed bid with different options if applicable. We have the capabilities to undertake these projects leveraging our experienced staff in this space.
  • What services does 360 perform?
    360 engages in performing Make Ready Turns and Renovations of apartment units and the commercial renovation of homes for Property Management companies. For more information please click here
  • What area does 360 cover?
    We currently service clients in the DFW metropolitan area with new metro areas being added soon.
  • What makes 360 special?
    Our customer-driven approach and one-stop-shop solution coupled with our technology, efficiency, and integrity makes us uniquely qualified to meet your needs.
  • Why should I choose 360?
    We believe we have a very strong value proposition and would love for you to give us an opportunity to prove it. By working with us, you can avoid the headaches of working with multiple vendors and instead work with one that is fully accountable for a finished quality unit. For more on this please click here
  • How do I contact 360?
    For Sales: For Customer Service: For Human Resources: For Accounting: For anything else: Or call us at 1.833.360.RENO
  • How long has 360 been around?
    Our company was founded in 2018 and since then we have become the premier company in our industry in the DFW metropolitan area.
  • What has 360 been working on lately?
    We are constantly innovating and looking to improve. Check out our NEWS section to learn more.
  • What do I need to work for 360?
    If you are a dedicated, customer oriented, and quality-minded individual, we would love to speak with you. Please feel free to email Human Resources to learn more about career opportunities with 360. You can also check our Careers page by clicking here.
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