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Beyond Apartment Turns, we have the capabilities required to manage more complex projects including apartment upgrades and full rehabs of entire communities.

We undertake upgrades and full rehabs where we have the ability to manage everything and anything that is needed.

Why should you renovate?

By renovating your property now, you’ll manufacture equity by increasing the value of your property. That makes you more palatable to banks and lenders should you want to refinance or borrow again for your next property. Renovating also makes sure that you can ask top dollar in terms of rent. Great looking, freshly renovated apartment units are rare, so tenants will be willing to pay more to snap yours up, and they’ll stay longer, minimizing rental losses you would otherwise experience in between tenants.

Count on 360 for your next
apartment renovation!

Renovation Services

We have crews ready to perform full demolitions of units that require a comprehensive rehab. This includes sheetrock, carpentry, light fixtures, appliances, etc.

Wall Demolition


We have the capabilities to leverage licensed plumbers to repair or replace existing plumbing within a unit or anywhere else in the community



We have licensed techs that can perform corrective maintenance or replaced entire units



We have experienced installers ready to replace tile in kitchen and baths using the latest styles or more cost efficient options 


Tile Install

We utilized licensed electrical technicians to address any electrical needs within a unit or anywhere else in the community

Electrical Work


We work with third parties that carry a wide selection of cabinet options and also with others where we can custom-order special cabinets to match what you need



We work with partners that can take care of all flooring options including carpet, vinyl, wood floors, and more...

Floor Adhesive for Tiling


We have the ability to meet all your needs including make to order options in formica, quartz, marble and more...


Counter Tops

We have commercial relationships with Lowes, Home Depot, and others where we can order and kit all materials required for a full renovation including appliances, light fixtures, etc.

Washing Machine Interior

Parts Management

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