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Make Ready Services

Our Make Ready technicians are thorough professionals

They conduct detailed inspections and perform various tasks

Why we are your best choice

The 360 difference

We excel in Make Ready services often supplementing and in some cases even fully replacing our customer's entire Maintenance staff. This allows us to deliver a full turnkey end-to-end Make Ready solution.


With a track record of 300+ Make Ready Units completed each month and a comprehensive and detailed Make Ready inspection list, you can trust in our expertise and ability to take care of any and all of your Make Ready needs.

Our Make Ready Service Inspection Delivers Swift Corrective Action on Every Essential Detail!


  • Inspect faucets and sinks for leaks, and check that the hot/cold water works.

  • Check that the plugs work.

  • Inspect the shower head.

  • Ensure the toilet works and inspect the tub and countertop.

  • Inspect doors: handles, latches, and doorstops.

  • Inspect the toilet paper holder and the towel holder.

  • Inspect the vinyl, GIF outlets/cover.

  • Inspect, open, and clean lamps; replace light bulbs.

  • Inspect the exhaust fan.

Bedrooms and Living

  • Inspect doors: handles, latches, and doorstops.

  • Inspect blinds for missing parts.

  • Inspect the folder.

  • Inspect baseboards; apply caulking if necessary.

  • Inspect, open, and clean lamps;

  • Replace bulbs.

  • Inspect electrical outlets

  • Inspect light switches.

  • Inspect Ceiling fans

  • Clean dusty ceiling fans.

  • Inspect wallpaper

  • Inspect chimney.

  • Inspect the vinyl


  • Faucets and sinks for leaks.

  • Inspect the drainage system.

  • Garbage Disposal,

  • Fix cabinet doors and handles.

  • Open and clean lamps; replace bulbs.

  • Outlets and switches.

  • Move and clean behind the oven and refrigerator.

  • All burners and lights.

  • Oven elements and level.

  • Cooling system.

  • Door bars.

  • Ice machine and clean coils.

  • Dishwasher functions, drains, and leaks.


  • Check TV cable, passage locks, windows, and screens.

  • Inspect the yard.

  • Inspect/replace fire alarm; change batteries if needed.

  • Inspect the light bulb (25 W); clean grease from the filter.

  • Inspect T/P valve and seal for leaks.

  • Inspect thermostat and all elements; change air filters.

  • Inspect motor fan; ensure it's clean and oiled.

  • Inspect the electrical panel.

  • Inspect washing machine drain.

Make Ready Services
Our Difference

Skilled Professionals

Our Make Ready team has extensive experience in the multifamily industry and knows what to focus on when it comes to fully inspecting a unit and addressing any of its needs. We leverage a digital Make Ready inspection form to ensure nothing gets missed.

Make Fixed Costs Variable

Many of our customers trust us to perform all of their Make Readys where we deliver a full turnkey solution. In this scenario, properties are able to reduce fixed costs associated with maintaining unnecessary staff, especially during the low season. With us, customers only pay for what they need and this manifests itself in annual savings.

Fixed Pricing and a-la-carte extras

We work within your budget to create a fixed price per Make Ready so that there aren't any surprises. We price infrequent extras but work with you to add 95% of the typical scope in a fixed and fair unit price.

Advanced Tech

We have invested heavily in developing a world-class platform that allows us to drive efficiencies and quality across our entire value chain. Our Customer Portal (which is only a small portion of it) allows you to quickly and easily submit orders for your property.

"Having gone through multiple suppliers, we finally found our answer with 360. They didn't just meet our needs; they understood them. They delivered on time, with reasonable costs, and their follow-up was perfect".

Yolanda - Property Manager

360 Warranty

We stand by our Quality commitment and perform no-charge callbacks when something doesn't meet our customers' expectations. We work closely with Property and Maintenance managers and our staff to mitigate repeat occurrences and strive for 100% Quality at every step of the way. As a result we boast the lowest call-back rate in the industry and a 95%+ customer satisfaction

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