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2020 and Beyond!

As we get ready to celebrate the start of a new decade, we are working hard at 360 Apartment Renovations to make 2020 even better for our customers!

Customer Portal

In Q1 we will be launching a brand new Customer Portal that will make it super easy for our customers to request work from us, view the updated status of all scheduled or completed jobs, and access knowledge articles.

Optimized Scheduling

The Customer Portal is just the tip of the iceberg though... on the back-end, by switching to Field Service Lightning from Salesforce we are taking one huge leap towards driving internal efficiencies within our team that will make it much easier for us to quickly and efficiently schedule jobs in the most optimized manner.

What does this mean to our Customers? Quicker turnarounds! By scheduling things more quickly in an optimized fashion, we expect to be able to reduce the time it takes to schedule and coordinate our teams but also reduce travel times, close the gap between jobs, and optimize the daily routes for all our field resources.

The good news is that there is much more to come - we will keep everyone posted ad we near the go-live date!

From all of us at 360, a very Happy New Year!

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