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2021: Welcome Back from 360!

We recognize that 2020 was certainly a very challenging year for all of us....but even in the darkest of times, we hope that now that we've had the Holidays to recharge, we can come out stronger in 2021.

As an organization, despite the challenges we faced as a result of the COVID pandemic, we have much to be thankful for.

We are thankful to our customers, employees, contractors, and partners that have allowed us to have a meaningful impact on our roadmap ahead.


We made great strides with our customer base enhancing the meaningful relationship we have with them and working passionately to constantly improve our quality, speed, efficiency, and customer service....

Employees and Contractors

We made some great new hires of full-time employees and added a very talented set of contractors to our team. Despite not reaching our financial goals in 2020, we still recognized our best performing employees and contractors and rewarded them for their commitment, performance and zeal for customer satisfaction


Finally, we couldn't have reached many of our goals if it hadn't been for many of our strong partnerships.

We invested heavily in deploying a scalable customer service solution with Salesforce and our implementation partners worked tirelessly to meet our go-live plans.

In all, despite some of the setback, we have a lot to be thankful for in 2020. Let's make 2021 even a better year!

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