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2022 in Perspective

It was a great year for 360 Apartment Renovations! We were able to achieve many of the goals we set out 12 months ago and in the process built a more robust, scalable, and customer-oriented organization! Here are some details:

A year with spectacular growth...

We had a stellar year with an 80% top-line growth. Even though we faced some headwinds with the demise of several important customers such as Zillow, MCH, and others in our Single Family Homes Renovations segment, we were able to substitute that demand with many new loyal customers across the Multifamily Turns and Renovations segment.

Multifamily Renovations expertise - a key ingredient to success!

This year we were awarded several Multifamily Renovations projects that allowed us to demonstrate our end-to-end capabilities spanning the more than 15 trades that we leverage from Demolition to Carpentry, HVAC, Plumbing, Painting, Resurfacing... and many more culminating in housekeeping and delivering a ready-for-move-in apartment unit! We worked on a handful of these complex projects and fully renovated 100+ units.

Multifamily Turns - our Bread&Butter!

This year we continued to grow this segment too. We established strong relationships with several Property Management Companies and started working with dozens of new apartment complexes. We now complete over 2,000 tuns per month on an ongoing basis!

How did we do it?

With a strong commitment to customer orientation, high-quality standards, a comprehensive service offering, and a unique technology-driven solution that drives efficiencies across the entire value chain. We also made investments in our Human Capital- the people that make all of this possible! Our team grew considerably with additions across all of our functions including Field Staff and Supervision, Project Management, Finance, Sales & Marketing, HR, and of course Customer Service.

As we look ahead into 2023 and beyond, we remain committed to our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and we thank all our loyal customers for allowing us to serve your everyday needs!

From all of us at 360, a huge THANK YOU to our entire customer and partner community!

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