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360 Apartment Renovations enhances productivity and customer satisfaction with Salesforce


360 Apartment Renovations entered into agreement with Salesforce to acquire licenses and implement Salesforce Field Service Lightning. The rollout of the most advanced field service management solution in the marketplace will enable the company to continue to push the envelope in customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies.

Objectives of transition to Salesforce

With the implementation of Salesforce, 360 Apartment Renovations is looking to drive both internal operational efficiencies as well as meaningful customer satisfaction improvements.

Salesforce's scalable field service management solution will enable the company to continue to scale while at the same time providing tangible benefits to the business operation. Salesforce Field Service Lightning has the capability to continuously monitor both unscheduled and scheduled work orders and optimize routes of 360 staff in a way that results in reduced driving times, stricter schedule adherence, more efficient back-office scheduling, and improved customer satisfaction through better visibility on the Customer Portal/Community and quicker turns.

360 Apartment Renovations is planning on leveraging the Salesforce platform to consolidate a number of functions and processes including: Sales & Marketing, Contractor Billing, Analytics & Reporting, and Invoice Generation.

About Salesforce's (CRM) service comprises several broad categories: Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Could, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud,App Cloud, and IoT with over 100,000 customers. Through its solution suite and third-party offerings on the app exchange by development partners, the overall platform offers a customizable environment for companies to deploy Sales & Marketing and Service solutions that streamline operations and drive high customer satisfaction.

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