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360 awarded another major Multifamily Renovations project due to our Quality and Professionalism!

We are thrilled to announce that 360 was once again, awarded another major Multifamily Renovations project. Our customer replaced an existing vendor and chose 360 after allowing us to step in on a handful of units and prove our value, quality, and speed...

What issues was the Client having prior to engaging with 360

Our client was struggling with a vendor that could not deliver any renovated units on time, left unfinished units dragging on and on, had serious quality issues, lack of supervision, and inadequate project management. All of this left them no choice but to find a suitable replacement so that they could get back on track...

How was 360 awarded this Project

The Regional manager reached out to us to see if we could right this ship. We immediately sent a project manager to assess the situation, estimate the cost, and developed together with our parts and flooring partners a comprehensive solution. To demonstrate our capabilities, we proposed to start with 4 units and show our ability to perform a full renovation with high quality and delivering these on-time and on-budget.

Scope of Renovation Project

The scope included a full gamut of our renovations services including Demolition, Carpentry, Flooring, Tile, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Painting, Resurfacing, Make Ready, Housekeeping, Appliances and Fixtures replacement, Carpet Cleaning, and more!

The 360 difference and Results

We did a stellar job and from start to finish completed the work on-time and on-budget in a record time of under 10 days. As a result, our client was super happy and impressed and decided to award us all renovation work at this property

They are now looking to us to help them across seven other properties across their DFW portfolio due to our Turn-Key Solution as an all-in-one Company.

This is a great example of what the 360 team can accomplish and do for you on these challenging renovations projects.

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