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360 awarded multi-million apartment renovation project in Dallas

We started this mega project renovating 250+ apartment units and all common areas.

The scope includes Demolition, Carpentry, Flooring, Tile, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Painting, Resurfacing, Make Ready, Housekeeping, Appliances and Fixtures replacement, Carpet Cleaning, and more!

We have a great team of high quality workers focused on this project, from Account Managers, a Construction Project Manager and many more....

Here are a few pictures to walk you thorough our process...

1. Initial walk and demolition: We walk each unit to assess the scope and align both resources and materials required to complete.

2. Perform Plumbing Repairs and Clean Air Ducts: We repaired or replaced the existing plumbing in each unit that required it and cleaned all air ducts to prevent maintenance and health problems.

3. Perform HVAC inspection and repairs and install Tile: We performed HVAC corrective maintenance or replaced entire units. Also replace tile in kitchen and baths using the latest styles.

4. Update Electrical: We specifically take the time to check all the electrical parts of the units and replace them.

5. Install Cabinets: We work with third parties that carry a wide selection of cabinet options and also with others where we can custom-order special cabinets to match whats needed.

6. Perform Sheetrock repairs and Painting: We took all the time necessary to perform sheetrock repairs and painting in all the units.

7. Resurface Tubs: We resurfaced all tubs. With this service in the future they save hundreds of dollars versus replacing them.

8. Install Flooring and Carpets: We replaced all the floors in the unit and installed carpeting where needed.

9. Install Formica countertops and Sinks: We replace and install new countertops and sinks of higher quality

10. Perform Mechanical Make Ready: We install new appliances and light fixtures, door installations and more...

11. Perform Housekeeping: Once everything was almost ready, our team of housekeepers came in to make all the units sparkle and shine!

Here you can see a before and after of a unit:

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