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360 Insights: Elevating Property Management Operations

At 360 Apartment Renovations, we believe in providing exceptional value to our clients. That's why we offer a range of tools that elevate property management operations and streamline the turns and renovation process. Here are some ways we make this happen!

1. Quick and Easy Request Submission and Estimates

Submitting an apartment turn request has never been easier! Our customer portal allows you to submit a request in seconds. All you need to do is select a specific unit from a drop-down menu, click on the specific services required such as Painting, Housekeeping, etc. and you are done!

What’s more, if you need to know how much it will cost because you are required to create a PO in advance – no problem! The form will provide you with a detailed cost breakout so there is no need for us to make a visit to assess the scope and then provide an estimate which kills the overall turnaround time!

In a nutshell, this saves you valuable time so you can focus on running your property!

2. Digital Make Ready Board to enable you to get a pulse across your entire Property 

Are you constantly stressing about when a unit will be completed or what the status is?! Not if you partner with 360 Apartment Renovations! 

Our Digital Make Ready Board is an incredibly powerful tool that allows Property and Maintenance Managers to know exactly what the status of each apartment unit is. The tabular view shows for each unit the scheduled start, assigned resource, and status of the work for each service category. Information can be easily sorted and filtered so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

The Digital Make Ready Board is trusted by all of our customers- they absolutely love it! It enables them within seconds to know exactly what is going on across the entire property without having to call us or walk units, saving tons of time in the process!

3. Before and After pictures of all the work performed to drive Transparency

We understand the importance of transparency in the work performed by your trusted partner which is why we take BEFORE and AFTER pictures of the units we service. 

This way you can be rest assured of the scope performed once we complete all the work. Each of our invoices includes for each of the services performed such as Painting, Make Ready, Housekeeping etc. both BEFORE and AFTER pictures – now isn’t that cool?!

Being Transparent is in our DNA and we live to it in many ways including this one…

4. Transparent KPIs

Our commitment to transparency extends to the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Dashboards that we use to both track our Cost, Quality, and Speed and report it back to you.

These dashboards focused around the most important KPIs allow you (and us) to see how we are performing, view trends, and ensure that we consistently live up to your expectations!

This information is widely used by our Customers to obtain a high-level overview of our performance and is incredibly useful during the budgeting season to see the average cost per unit. 

In closing, experience a transformation in apartment turns and renovations, leveraging powerful tools only offered by 360 Apartment Renovations. Each element is designed to empower you, to achieve efficiency and make informed decisions. By providing unparalleled transparency, efficiency, and support, our tools are more than just upgrades—they're game-changers for property managers seeking to elevate their operations and deliver exceptional service to their shareholders and tenants. Schedule a consultation today and discover how our tools can revolutionize your approach. 

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