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Celebrating One Year of Success: 360 Apartment Renovations and RM Interiors Partnership

One year ago, we proudly announced the exclusive partnership between 360 Apartment Renovations and RM Interiors, a collaboration grounded in a shared commitment to seamless flooring replacement in apartment turns and renovation projects. 

Replacing floors can be disruptive to residents and stressful for managers and maintenance teams, but 360 works closely with your team to schedule flooring replacements at a convenient time and make the whole process as hassle-free as possible. With an average installation time of 72 hours, we deliver quality services quickly, minimizing the time units remain vacant and saving property managers money.

Here you can see our teams working diligently and professionally to replace flooring at one of the apartment complexes we serve. Among our differentiating factors we offer a wide assortment of flooring options, rapid availability through local warehouses, and more competitive pricing from national agreements with manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for Vinyl planks, Carpet, or Sheet Vinyl, we offer beautiful designs with lasting quality materials:

RMX LVP is offered in 6 and 12mil glue down, as well as 12mil floating click with an attached pad. The RMX line offers the most competitively priced LVP in the United States, with millions of feet being installed per year. 

RMX Sheet Vinyl is a 55ga, 10mil sheet product, providing a cost-effective hard surface option for managers with projects on strict budgets. RMX Sheet Vinyl offers 5 of the best-performing visuals in the country over the past 5 years. 

RMX Carpet is a 25oz stain and fade resistant polyester product, offered in 4 of the most popular colors in the country for rental homes and apartments. RMX carpet provides property managers a soft surface option for bed and living areas priced well below the industry average.

Contact us to get a quote and get started with us on any of your flooring needs! 

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