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Insights from Melissa Chruszch: A Journey through the Renovation Project at Casa Luna Apartments

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

At 360, we were honored to be entrusted with the renovation project at Casa Luna Apartments, spearheaded by Melissa Chruszch, the Property Manager. In a recent interview, Melissa shared her perspective on the renovation process, stating, "The attention to detail from the 360 team was impressive. They went the extra mile to ensure every aspect of the project met our high standards."

According to Melissa, the process of selecting the ideal renovations company was laden with difficulties. Figuring out intricate pricing proposals and ensuring transparent service offerings proved to be major obstacles. However, our thorough assessment of the property and the delivery of a comprehensive proposal set us apart. The detailed breakdown of costs per floorplan simplified the decision-making process for Melissa and her team.

Our collaborative planning was pivotal in ensuring the smooth progress of the renovation project. Working closely with Melissa, we prioritized tasks, beginning with vacant buildings before gradually transitioning to occupied ones. Our teams efficiently managed multiple units simultaneously, guaranteeing timely completion without compromising quality of work.

Melissa commented on our seamless and effective collaboration. She highlighted our exceptional communication and the presence of an on-site 360 Renovations Manager who diligently oversaw the project, ensuring that it stayed on track. Melissa was particularly impressed by our willingness to take on additional projects beyond the original scope of renovating apartment units, such as property-wide plumbing and electrical work, parking lot striping, and the complete renovation of the leasing center.

Melissa enthusiastically affirmed that she would unquestionably choose 360 for future renovations, citing our collaborative spirit and commitment to driving cost efficiencies and meeting financial goals.

To gain deeper insights from Melissa's interview and to learn more about the transformative journey of Casa Luna Apartments, we invite you to watch the full interview on our YouTube channel.

Join us in embracing the spirit of renovation and discover how 360 Renovations can elevate your living experience today!

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