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Our Quality standards set us apart...

Our unrivaled high quality standards put us in a completely different category.

We work extremely hard to train, develop, and ensure that our staff consistently delivers superior quality across all of our company's service offerings. We are meticulous and don't take shortcuts that compromise quality.

How do we do it?

It all starts with hiring great team members. We cautiously hire people that share the same passion for quality. Each new hire accompanies an experienced employee for up to two weeks to receive on-the-job training before they are assigned to client service appointments. To ensure a quality process we leverage online check lists so that nothing is missed. Finally, we closely monitor call backs by service category and staff member to take corrective actions as necessary.

Performance Management

They say... 'You can't improve what you don't measure!' We believe in this too. We measure the number of quality incidents by team member and service category and examine the root causes hawkishly.

As a team, we work very hard to minimize repeat occurrences and take precautions as necessary. The result is the highest quality standard in the industry with an over 97% success rate. In some of our services like Housekeeping, we have a callback only once every 250 Service Appointments!

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