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Thanks for the feedback! Here are our Customer Survey results!

At 360, we strive to adapt and learn and drive continuous improvement to our customer's needs. That's why we recently conducted a Customer Survey to get their feedback on our performance across several categories including our services, and their overall experience.

We are thrilled to see that 80% of respondents are extremely satisfied with 360 and would recommend us to others, resulting in a 4.6 overall score!

Customers value our speed to complete turns, professionalism, and exceptional Customer Service as our top qualities. They also highlight the ease-of-use of Customer Portal!

We also identified areas for improvement and are in the process of taking the necessary steps to make your experience even better! Many of you asked about additional services that you would like us to offer so we are evaluating how we can add those to our lineup.

Finally, we are continuing to make Quality a top priority and have recently implemented new Quality Checklists on our mobile app used by our staff across all services to get closer to our 97% first-time-success-rate.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated and provided this valuable feedback!

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