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We continue to grow as we serve the needs of our Customers...

On the cusp of finishing the quarter, we'd like to share with all of you that we've had the strongest quarter since our company was founded. As a matter of fact, when comparing March of 2021 vs. March of 2020 (before COVID-19 took it's toll) we experience almost a 100% growth!

We have all of YOU, our customers to thank for depositing your trust in our ability to serve your needs.... so from all of us at 360 Apartment Renovations.... a HUGE


Expanding to Houston with iBuyers and Zillow Group

Last month we announced that we obtained a stellar review from Zillow Group... Today we are announcing that we are moving forward with expanding our relationship with Zillow beyond DFW and entering the Houston Market. As a matter of fact, as the writing of this post, we have two scheduled home renovations starting next week.

We look forward to the continued partnership with Zillow and other iBuyers as we set our sight to entering San Antonio and Austin later this year.

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