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We present the new Sales & Marketing team!

The 360 Apartment Renovations team continue to grow with the addition of the new Sales & Marketing Team, that is comprised by Olimpia Albornoz and Mia Traverso.

Here's a little background of each:

  • Olimpia: Olimpia is no newbie in this space. She comes to us from a Real Estate development firm where she started in Customer Service and progressed to the Sales Manager role. At 360 she is tasked with creating meaningful connections with Property and Regional Managers.

  • Mia: Mia will be leading our Digital Marketing efforts. She is passionate about communication and technology and is always up-to-date with the latest trends. You will be hearing a lot from her as she keeps you current with the latest news from 360!

We hope that you will soon get to know each one and would like to give them both a very warm welcome!

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