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Why choose us for your Make Ready needs...

Use our Make Ready service to get your rental back on the market swiftly after a tenant departs. Every day your rental is off the market is a day you lose money on your investment. We can tackle any size repairs or improvements necessary to make your apartment unit ready for prime time.

You can choose to fully outsource your Make Ready team to us (making your fixed costs variable)...or we can increase your capacity in peak season or when you get behind....

We have experience in property management and so we know how to work with tenants, interface with your staff and provide repairs, renovations and updates on a schedule that’s efficient and convenient for everyone.

Let us put our skills to work helping you provide excellent service to your clients!

What sets us apart?

  • We have fully trained Make Ready technicians

  • We utilize standardized check-lists to ensure a consistent and quality process

  • We have skilled staff to perform the toughest Make Ready and full renovations

  • Our standard Make Ready checklist contains over 200 inspection/corrective items...

  • We have the ability to manage your inventory and efficiently manage purchases to ensure we have the right parts when needed

  • Finally, our digital Make Ready board available to you and your team ensures everything is done like clockwork and no one skips a beat!

With a track record of quality and speed, 360 Apartment Renovations is your best choice for Make Ready services designed to fit your budget, schedule, and ensure an excellent new tenant moving experience...

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