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360 Apartment Renovations announces partnership with RM Interiors

We are happy to announce that 360 Apartment Renovations has entered into a partnership agreement with RM Interiors, a flooring partner that will have exclusivity for all of the flooring work across 360's Single-family and Multifamily turns and renovation projects.

The partnership between 360 and RM Interiors allows both companies to continue providing high-quality services to our clients across the Single-Family and Multlifamily Turns and Renovations space. We are thrilled to partner with a leading company with a national footprint, strong quality and impecable reputation.

RMI provides flooring and carpet cleaning services for REITs, iBuyers, property managers, and construction companies across the US. Working as partners, 360 provides professionalism and unrivaled high-quality standards across all of the service´s offerings.

With this partnership we expect to increase our combined potential through a synergistic approach creating new opportunities for both companies and enhancing our brand value.

About RM Interiors

RM Interiors was founded by brothers Rick and Mark Wagner in 2006. With more than 30 years in the flooring industry, their careers began in the 1980s, installing carpet and vinyl flooring to pay their way through college. Working directly with thousands of homeowners, contractors, and builders over the years taught Rick and Mark the value of a personal customer service experience and engrained in them the importance of establishing a business on quality work and integrity. Their time and valuable experience eventually formed the RM Interiors they are today.

RM interiors operates on a national scale. Account Managers in each market pre-walk and post-walk every job to ensure customers receive both an accurate and honest bid and a quality installation every time. Their tech-driven process allows tracking the progress of every job. They are the perfect partner for us offering hometown service on a national level.

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