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Why choose us for your Resurfacing needs...

Updated: Feb 19

At 360, we take pride in everything we do including of course the quality of our workmanship!

We offer high quality resurfacing options for any of your needs that can save you hundreds! We can help restore your apartment unit to "like new" condition at a fraction of the cost of replacing tubs, countertops, etc.

We can repair damaged surfaces, update colors, and renew dull worn-out finishes. We offer superior service and quality workmanship including our one-year-warranty. We use an environmentally sound approach with state-of-the-art products with low odor emission.

Take a look at a BEFORE and AFTER comparison!

We offer a full range or Resurfacing options

  • Bath and Kitchen Countertops

  • Enclosures (tile & fiberglass)

  • Fireplaces and Cabinets

  • Bathtubs and Jacuzzis (porcelain & fiberglass)

  • Showers and Garden Tubs

  • Acid Washes, Buffing, and Repairs

Unrivaled Color Options

We have the ability to match your current color and patterns and also offer a full gamut of beautiful modern designs to enhance your units. Some of our many options include the designs below

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