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Why choose us for your Apartment Renovation needs...

Our reputation and experience precede us... we know not only how to perform a professional renovation of an apartment but also how to maximize value by working with you to define the scope in order to make the most impact while minimizing costs.

We have worked with dozens of property management companies to make an apartment renovation a breeze... let us partner with you!

Should you renovate units at your property?

When in question, the answer is always renovate NOW! Whether you have tiny studios or large 3 Bed / 2 Bath apartment units, there's no time like the present to get in and upgrade your property to maximize rental returns... If you're a property investor with a rental property, you're in if for one thing and that is a financial return. But there's two ways to maximize your return

  • (a) hold your property for long term capital growth, or

  • (b) make sure you get the highest rent while maximizing your occupancy and retention rates

Well, Renovating for Profit takes care of both of these!Why choose us for your Apartment Renovation needs?

By renovating your property now, you’ll manufacture equity by increasing the value of your property. That makes you more palatable to banks and lenders should you want to refinance or borrow again for your next property. Renovating also makes sure that you can ask top dollar in terms of rent. Great looking, freshly renovated apartment units are rare, so tenants will be willing to pay more to snap yours up, and they’ll stay longer, minimizing rental losses you would otherwise experience in between tenants.

Count on 360 Apartment Renovations for your next apartment renovation!

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