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Why choose us for your Capital Project needs...

Our reputation and experience in delivering successful Capital Improvement Projects precede us... We have worked with dozens of property management companies to complete these projects on time, on budget, and meeting/exceeding our client's expectations... let us partner with you!

What to consider when making Capital Projects decisions

Just like with deciding if and what to renovate within the four walls of an apartment unit... assessing the scope and budget of a Capital Improvement project is just as important! Whether you have an immediate need for a required improvement...or a nascent need for an improvement that will add value to your property, we can help you! In either scenario we can help you plan the project from start to finish identifying the most value-add options to realize the highest return on your investment... When selecting a contractor to fulfill your needs look for a company that:

  • has the ability to work through the entire lifecycle of a project including design, permitting, purchasing supplies, staffing, and meeting zoning/building codes.

  • has a solid track record and can provide references upon request

  • can meet your project start and end dates and deliver the project at or under budget

  • is fully bonded, licensed, and insured

We offer a full range of Capital Project Services

Whatever your needs, we have you covered! We offer the following and more:

  • upgrading gyms, business centers, and other common areas

  • upgrading dog parks and playgrounds

  • re-striping of parking lots and repairing speed bumps and sidewalks

  • upgrading pool areas, shade arbors, and pergolas

  • upgrading exterior lighting

  • repairing roofing from hail damage

  • repairing or replacing wrought iron or wood fences Should you renovate units at your property?

Count on 360 Apartment Renovations for your next apartment renovation!

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