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Why choose us for your Carpet Cleaning & Water Extraction needs...

We utilize the best products, equipment, and trained staff that result in the best carpet cleaning and water extraction service. Combined with our 24x7 emergency response and comprehensive service offering, we can cater to any and all of your needs...

We provide a comprehensive Carpet Restoration solution and Water Extraction and Remediation Services to address any of your needs...

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning & Restoration

  • Carpet Stretching and Repairs

  • Pet Treatment and Stain Removals

  • Color Correction and Dyes

  • Water Extraction and Restoration Services

  • Equipment Rental (Fans, Dehumidifiers, Ozone machines, etc.)

  • Enzyme and Microban Treatments

  • 24x7 Emergency Response

What sets us apart?

  • The Products we use - Using a combination of an encapsulator and oxygenated booster, our products not only break up dirt and spots, but also prevent them from reattaching to the carpet.

  • The Equipment we use - Part of the reason we’re the best company is the quality of our cleaning machine. We use only the best truck mounted equipment, wands with 4 jets, and buffers with dual, counter-rotating brushes that reach deep into the carpet pile to lift dirt and stains up and out of the carpet.

  • The Methods we employ - Good products and equipment will only take you so far, but to be the best carpet cleaner you have to have a method that capitalizes on both of those. That’s why our technicians are trained to go over the carpet from multiple angles, to pre-spray difficult areas, and to do a hundred other tricks to help get your carpets truly clean

With a track record of impeccable apartment units and homes, 360 Apartment Renovations is your best choice for Carpet Restoration and Water Extraction services designed to fit your budget, schedule, and ensure an excellent new tenant moving experience...

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