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We´d like to introduce you to our latest additions!

We continue to grow as a company and want to tell you about the latest hires at 360 Apartment Renovations.

Our recent additions include Jami Cushman who joins us to manage our Single-Family Renovations team, Matthew Anthony has joined us to manage some of Multifamily Renovations projects, and Florencia Zingoni who joins our talented Customer Service team.

Here's a little background of each:

  • Jami Cushman: Jami has years of experience in the Single-family renovations industry and has managed hundreds of renovations projects over her career at Zillow, MCH, and Invitation Homes. Jami will oversee all single-family turns and renovations projects across the entire lifecycle from inspections to estimates and project management

  • Matthew Anthony: Matthew joins the Dallas team as a Multifamily Renovations Project Manager. He brings with him experience in construction projects and will be responsible for planning, staffing, organizing, and leading these types of projects through on-time and on-budget completion.

  • Florencia Zingoni: Florencia joins us with years of experience in Real Estate and Customer Service. Her role will be to monitor the daily progression of all service appointments to ensure on-time completion. In addition, she will handle urgent requests, emergencies, and will communicate and coordinate with clients and field staff.

Some of you may already have had the pleasure of working with them. We extend a very warm welcome to Jami, Matthew, and Florencia and wish them much success in their new roles!

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